Feel the Triumph. Experience the ride

June 23 is World Motorcycle Day. Sunitha Simon, a corporate communications professional and an motorbiking enthusiast, who loves going on long rides over the weekend, exploring the unseen India, writes this guest column for Filter Kaapi Live.

By Sunitha Simon

I have never been conventional. I like challenges and adventure. So I am not the least bit surprised I fell in love with riding a bike the first time I got on to the back of a Triumph Thunderbird Storm.

I can’t believe it all started only a little over two years ago. I feel like it has been a part of my life forever. The most distinct thing about riding is that nothing feels quite like a motorcycle, the thrill of being on one and it’s just all about the experience. What better way to escape than on a bike? The sense of freedom feels complete on two wheels, and riding doesn’t transport me to a destination, it is the destination.

It’s not difficult to fall in love with a Triumph. When the bike arrives, it makes itself heard first and then the rider is seen. A ride out in the open road with the wind in my face and some admirers by the side, is a great feeling. Every ride I’ve taken, no matter how long or short – it has been an adventure.

Riding has given me an opportunity to encounter a wonderfully wide spectrum of fellow enthusiasts from different cultural and regional backgrounds. Their stories and experiences help us understand life in a better way and many a times, its gives us a perspective which we never thought of.

Motorcycling is one of the last freedoms available to those who want the total view, the incredible sound and, very importantly, the fragrance of our planet. And when the bike is parked at the end of the day, there is another kind of joy, the elevated sense of accomplishment and survival.

There’s no denying that motorcycles are cool, fun and fuel-efficient. But it’s also true that riding a motorcycle is more risky than driving a car. Making sure we stay on the safe side of riding is our first responsibility and has to be top priority.

Finally, there’s something about motorcyclists, isn’t there? They invariably have a swagger and a sense of cool that just isn’t the same as rolling up in a car. 

So men and women, if you don’t have a cross-cultural hobby, think of trying mine. It’s a ton of fun. Take it from me (but don’t take my Triumph just yet), you’ll meet the nicest people. 

Go, get out of the rut, get your heart pumping with the kick of the bike.

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