Jagan lashes out at Chandrababu Naidu

The vitriol that one witnessed during the election campaign in Andhra Pradesh has not ebbed. It spilled over into the state assembly during the budget session and has seen anger, personal remarks and insults in full measure. 

On Wednesday, Jaganmohan Reddy took on his predecessor Chandrababu Naidu for criticising him for attending the inauguration of the Kaleshwaram irrigation project in Telangana. He pointed out that the construction took place while Naidu was CM of Andhra and asked if the TDP chief was “grazing donkeys” while it happened. 

It got worse on Thursday with Jagan body-shaming K Atcham Naidu, the senior TDP leader from Srikakulam and former minister. He told him that it is not enough to have a “big personality” and should have a brain as well. 

The CM was provoked by the TDP protest when he blamed the Naidu regime for keeping crop loans pending. TDP legislators raised their voice to say it was not true. An angry Jagan retorted saying “if you 23 MLAs interrupt me like this, then my 150 MLAs will also stand and you guys will not be seen in the Assembly from the next moment.” He asked them to display some sense in the House. 

It got personal with Jagan raising his voice to say he will not be scared of Naidu staring at him from the opposition benches. The CM also told Naidu that he will present the records pertaining to zero interest loans in the House to prove the former CM wrong. 

“After that you should immediately resign and go home,” said a visibly angry Jagan. 

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