Hema Malini cleans Parliament but Thakur is the scene stealer

By Tenali Rama

BJP MP Hema Malini termed the Swachh Parliament abhiyaan she undertook on Saturday, the most satisfying moment of her political career. Speaking to TV reporters at Parliament House, the Dream girl said the Cleanathon campaign was a dream come true. 

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“I would put it up there. Just after my cutting wheat crop from a field in Mathura during the election campaign and providing clean water to millions of poor Indians by asking them to buy Kent RO,” Hema Malini told Tenali Rama. 

However, once the cameras stopped rolling, Hema Malini gave vent to her ire. 

“My grouse is with Thakur Saab. Mera matlab Anurag Thakur. Just like the Thakur in Sholay, this Thakur also wanted to dominate the scene. In Bollywood, we call it scene stealing. Sholay’s Thakur wanted to kill Gabbar Singh himself, this Thakur wanted to remove all garbage himself,” she said.

Sources say Hema Malini will request the Speaker’s office that the next time such a shoot is organised, every MP and actor should be provided an individual quota of garbage. 

“On this location, the property manager was missing. Total confusion. If this is the situation the next time, I will not give dates,” said a miffed Hema Malini. 

Hema Malini during her election campaign in Mathura

When asked if she missed the presence of fellow MP Sunny Deol during the cleanathon, she expressed doubts over his commitment to the cause. 

“I heard they had asked him to come but he kept giving tareek pe tareek. Then finally he sent his representative with a broomstick,” she revealed. 

The Aam Aadmi Party meanwhile has decided to file a complaint with the Election Commission, alleging misuse of its party symbol, the broom. 

(This is a work of Satire)

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