Virat Kohli @11, Anushka @Sands

A journey of eleven years so far in international cricket and Indian captain Virat Kohli took to social media to express his gratitude. 

“I couldn’t have dreamt of the blessings God has showered me with. May you all get the strength and power to follow your dreams and always follow the right path,” Virat tweeted with the hashtag #forevergrateful

Kohli on 18 August 2008 had made his international debut in an ODI against Sri Lanka in Dambulla. Over the last eleven years, King Kohli as he is now referred to, has achieved `Virat’ achievements in every format of the game. He is considered the best batsman in the world now.

Though India’s exit in the semi-finals of the World Cup was a huge disappointment, Kohli is setting things right in the West Indies right now. In fine form himself, the team won the T20 series as well as the ODI series convincingly. The Test series starts on August 22. 

In fact, Kohli is in a good space both professionally and personally. Almost as if to celebrate his 11 years in international cricket, actor wife Anushka Sharma posted a photograph on Instagram, on the sands, captioning it `Sun kissed and blessed’. Virat reacted to it by posting heart and heart eyes emojis in the comments section.

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